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S990A GNSS Receiver


  • No problem with electromagnetic disturbances
  • Fast initialization
  • Up to 60° inclination
  • 2 cm accuracy 30°
  • 5 cm accuracy 60°
  • Fast and precise survey

Stonex S990A is an 800 Channels GNSS receiver characterized by a new feature that enhances the performances of field surveys.

The new IMU System allows tilted measurement (TILT) up to 60°: quick initialization, fast and precise survey.

S990A Receiver is equipped with all important connectivity capabilities: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, UHF radio, and 4G modem. The internal battery of 10.200mAh allows it to work for 9 hours and can be recharged via a type-c connector.

The color touch display and the WebUI are easy and fast ways to have complete control of the receiver.

Thanks to an RTK function and Atlas® correction service, Stonex S990A is also able to work in particularly difficult areas. Atlas® delivers worldwide centimeter-level correction data through L-band communication satellites.

1 PPS can be applied to scenarios that require precise synchronization time to ensure that multiple facilities work together or that use the same parameters for system integration based on precise time.