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D1 Digital Autolevel

Auto / Digital Levels

STONEX D1 digital auto-level is the recommended levelling instrument for contractors, builders, professionals land surveyors and Engineers who demand accurate levelling every time. The accuracy of ± 1.5 mm on a base of 1 Km – double run – makes STONEX D1 the perfect equipment for the 3rd order levelling and for the construction industry. Faster automatic measurements – a difference in height and distance – are digitally determined: the fully electronic measurement results appear in the clearly visible display window after less than 2 seconds.


Error-free measurements improve the quality of your field works. The fully automatic measuring ability and digital display exclude any reading errors and other possible human-made errors. Combined with the increased productivity, up to 50% compared to the performances of a traditional optical level, with all levelling work carried out automatically, will greatly improve your professionality and profits.

Fast, friendly, smart

You’re only required to get the bubble within the black circle on the bubble vial, from there the STONEX D1 automatic compensator takes over and precisely levels itself. Just press the Easy one-touch operation key, and get instantly ΔH and HD, displayed on the LCD display. Using STONEX D1 as a distance meter you can get measurements up to 80 m. STONEX D1 features the IP54 certification, it means safe works even in harsh weather conditions.
The onboard adjustment program, height difference calculation, inverse staff measuring mode and error checking enable the user to execute the complete calculations set directly in the field.